Horseriding in Aðaldal

If you are in Iceland you should not missing the wonderful feeling, riding on horseback though the beauty of the nature.

The special of the "Icelandic - Horse" is its charming & friendly character.

We offer from Garður short & longer horseriding-trips on friendly & good trained horses through the surroundings of the farm.

The farmer Guðmundur is guiding the tours & shows you the wonderful places of his valley!


Our offer for you:

For children:

30 minutes leading on horseback through the surroundings of the farm.

(Price: 2500 ISK)


1 - hour on horseback

1-hour trip to an old icelandic grasshouse.

Get confidence to your horse & enjoy the beauty of the nature together with him.

(Price: 4500 ISK)


2-hours along the river "Laxá"

Magnificent views will be presented on this tour.

On the bank of the river we make a break to enjoy the birdlife and the "silence of the water".

(Price: 7500 ISK)


2-hours through the lavefields of Aðaldal

On this tour you will see the impressing lavafields which has been formed hundreds & hundreds of years ago.

A wonderful trip to enjoy the wildness of iceland.

(Price: 7500 ISK)


3 - hour trip

Lava & Laxá

We start in Garður and riding through the lavafields. We leaving the lava & enjoy the wonderful views at the river Laxá.

Long & good roads invite you & your horse for a long "Tölt".

(Price: 9500 ISK)

1 or 2 hour ride into the midnight-sun

This tour depents on the weather.

With a clean sky you will have an unforgettable experience to see the midnight-sun over the mountains from Húsavik from horseback.

(Price : 4500 ISK for 1 hour or 7500 ISK for 2 hours)