**Our Labrador Ben**

On the 25th of June we missed our lovely dog BEN ! His death was a big shock for us & we are thinking about Ben every day & we miss hima lot !!!

In the last weeks we got many very nice & friendly eMails for Ben from our friends & guests from the Guesthouse: Everyone how knew Ben liked him a lot & everyone was shocked too about this terrible mistake he died in !

We got many pictures from Ben & his friends we will post here:

Ben, you was a great dog & a very very good friend to me!!!!

I miss you so - wish you could come back to me!

We loved Ben from the first day he came to us on the 27th of January 2007

8 weeks old !

His first snow - that was so funny !

Ben & his best friend Smári

Being together all day long ...

... also Smári is missing you a lot !!!

Ben & Sabine were together every day in summer 2007

Álfadís has a look on Ben :-)

And Ben has a look on Álfadís ;-)

Álfur missed his mother the first hour - Ben was cleaning the new born foal !

Ben & Stjarna saying HELLO to Ljósvaki

You was great - I just loved you !!!

Just playing the whole day !

Coffee break with Ben !

Playing Backgammon in the evenings !

Ben loved to drive car ! I wish we could still do that together !!!!

Oktober 2007

Anna & Ben

This girl was very afraid of dogs after a dog bites her - but she loved Ben !

You could never get enough of him !!!

The kindergarden visit our animals in June...

... also the school-kids came for a visit !

Going for a walk in June ...

... this was one of our last trips together :-(

Helping us with the work ;-)

Together at river Laxá

Here was Ben with us at the horse competition in Einarstadir

One of the last pictures from you :-(

Thank you BEN that you was a part of our life !!!

You was the best dog in the world & we can not believe we have to miss you !!!