10. November 2008

On the last weekend we visited Daniel & his mare Andvaka frá Garði in Frankfurt.

Andvaka was leaving Iceland on the 13. of January 2008, she is a daughter of Huginn frá Haga and our Eldvaka !

It is the first time for our son Júlían Garðar in Germany & we were really happy to meet so many of our good friends ! Also Kathaerina & Anne were joining us in Frankfurt & we had a lot of fun together!

Great feeling to see Andvaka again !

It´s so nice to see the new owner happy with a horse of our breeding ! Daniel & Andvaka fit very very well together !

Andvaka was not shoed at the time but Daniel gave us a little view in what he is working on with his young mare !

He loves to touch horses :-)

You have to start early to get a good rider :-)

Daniel & Júlían Garðar ...

... a great team :-)