04. August 2008

In the last 2 days came many people for a ride !

We have good help from Elena & Birgit from Germany - they are the whole day working with our horses & guesthouse :-)

Elena ...

with Perla !

Everyone is ready !

Tölting over the fields is fun !

We are taking a small break !

The first time on an icelandic horse :-)

Jóker is coming to say "Hello" to the riders !


Also Logi wants to meet the people :-)

Happy after the ride :-)

Saying " Goodbye" to Neisti

Swedish guests are for the first time on horse!


On the way home after a long ride - a german family!

Birgit & Elding are in the front !



Thats holidays in Iceland :-)


With guests from France we are riding 2 hours through the beautiful evening-sunshine !

Both the first time on horse !

Everybody is happy with Neisti !

Elena with Bliki & Birgit with Eldur....




Vökull is ready for work !