January 2009


It was never cheaper to buy a horse in Iceland. The euro-exchange is on a very high level. You can buy a horse in Iceland now for the half price than one year ago !

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Foals & Young horses

In the price for the foals & young horses is the stay at our farm included up to one and a half year.

Hamradís frá Garði *13.05.2008*

F: Bláskeggur frá Hrafnkellstödum,

M: Esja frá Sydri-Ey

FF: Gígjar frá Audsholtshjáleigu

Hamradís is a very beautiful mare foal born in May, her father is an interesting young stallion who is doing very well in training.

Hamradís has a very good contact to people, she is very interested in having contact with you.

She shows loose and clean tölt and also good trott with good movements!

Absolutly a nice mare foal !

Price: 1100 Euro


Eldfari frá Garði *22.05.2008*

F: Randver frá Sólheimum, M: Glóra frá Garði

FF: Parker frá Sólheimum

Eldfari is a very big 5 gaited stallion foal born in May with a very good pedigree.

Eldfari has a good temperament and good power, he shows a lot of clean tölt and he has a lot of pace as well!

His gaites are clean and his movements are high and wide.

Maybe a stallion for the future or a horse for competition!

Price: 1100 Euro




Eilífur frá Garði *27.04.2008*

F: Gosi frá Garði, M: Drottning frá Garði

FF: Glampi frá Vatnleysu, MF: Piltur frá Sperðli

Eilífur is a very interesting stallion foal, his colour is blue dun !

Eilífur has a very close contact to people, he is halter trained as well, he is really easy to handle.

Eilífur is 5 gaited with very good movements, he has a lot of power and show clean tölt and trott with a very good leg action and his shoulder is coming high up too and he has a great gallop.

His pedigree is very interesting, his father is a 5 years old stallion in Finland now and he will be shown soon. Also his mother is a great competition horse.

Eilífur could a stallion for the future or a very nice gelding for competition.

A very promissing foal !!!





Àlfur frá Garði , *07.06.2007*

F: Skrúður frá Berjanesi M: Rauðhetta frá Garði

MF: Valur frá Höskuldsstöðum

Àlfur is a very big and beautifull one year old stallion (but he can be also sold as a gelding). His colour is dark chestnut with a big star.

Álfur has a very good contact to people, he is very easy to handle. Álfur is halter trained.

Álfur has a high shoulder and good movements and high action. He is 5 gaited and shows a lot of loose and clean tölt.

With a correct training he will be sure for competition later !

Price: 1200 Euro




Trained horses - Familyhorses - Ridingschool-Horses -


Perla frá Húsavík *1997*

F: Straumur frá Hóli, M: Tibrá frá Hnausum


Perla is a very big and beautiful brown mare with white socks at the back.

She is 4 gaited with a lot of tölt and high movements.

Perla has also been on competition in Iceland and was doing well !

Perla could be a horse for the whole family, she is fine to ride and easy to handle !

Perla will be sold on a very fair price!







Máni frá Garði *1998*

F: Logi frá Skaði, M: Muska frá Garði

Máni is a 10 years old gelding - his father is the 1st. prize stallion Logi.

We offer Máni on a very fair price.

He had ben trained for 2 month - it´s a pitty we do not have time to riding all our horses always :-(

Máni is really big and cute and can fit for the hole family ! Needs ofcourse more training again, but he is really easy to handle ! And he offerd a lot of loose tölt. All gaits are clean!



( you will find Máni at the end of the page )



Hektor frá Garði *2000*

F: Glæðir frá Garði, M: Jörp frá Garði

MF: Ringo 783


Hektor is a very big gelding. He is very easy to handle and very friendly too.

He is a 5-gaited horse with good tölt and trott and he is very soft to sitting.

Hektor can be used as a family horse, children can riding him and he also could fit for a riding school !

It´s just fun tölting with him, a very nice horse also for not so experienced riders !




Trained horses for competition


Vökull frá Garði *2002*

F: Ofsi frá Brún, M: Eldvaka frá Garði


Vökull is a very beautiful big gelding in a rare colour.

He is very friendly and has respect for people. Vökull is trained now for one year, he has been riding a lot in this time.

He is very easy to tölt, he has high movements and his gaits are always clean, he is never mixing anything together and he offers a lot of tölt and he has good power !

Very nice horse for competition !

Because of his age Vökull is not a horse for beginners .

Price: 2700 Euro




Untrained horses for breeding & competition


Mósa is the blue dun mare on the left

Mósa frá Garði *2004*

F: Tristan frá Árgerði , M: Aska frá Garði

FF: Orri frá þúfu , MF: Ofeigur 882 Flugumyri

Mósa is a very beautiful and big blue dun mare, she is 5 gaited with clean gaits and good movements. She has a lot of tölt, her body is well built.

Mósa is very easy to handle, she is broken in now.

Because of her pedigree also very interesting for breeding but she will also be got for competition.

A very promissing mare !

Price: 3000 Euro




Stormur frá Garði

F: Ægir frá Moberge , M: Muska frá Garði

Stormur is a 5-gaited gelding from a 1st. price stallion.

His gaits a very loose and he has very good tölt with high movements.

You can start training Stormur right away, he is halter-trained and knows a saddle and briddle.

Sure a great competition horse for the future !!!