Sold horses from Gardur

Eilífur is sold as a stallion to Germany & will live with Silke & Florian in the South of the country!
Krapi is with Balvin Ari in Akureyri .
Grillir is also with Baldvin Ari now !
Gosi is sold as a stallion to Finnland !
Tinna lives with Stina close to Hannover in Germany!
Álfakóngur will be with Daniel in Germany !
Perla is in Germany with Birgitt and her family !
Hektor is living in Germany now !


Askur lives now in Akureyri !


Andrea & Kári in Switzerland

Orion will live with Katharina and Sascha in Germany !
Bjarmi is with Andrea & her team in Switzerland !
Júpiter have a new home in Austria.
Raudspretta is in Germany now !
Tígull have also find a good home in Germany !
Hvellhetta is going to Denmark !
And Starri is a stallion in Norway now!
Sindri is living since many years in America.
Eldey lives also in America.
Kolskeggur running in Denmark !
Blika is with Gréta & Gunnar in Efri-Fitjar:

Fluga is in Árbaer with Jón!

Andvaka is happy with Daniel in Germany !
Píla is many years in Germany !
Hálfmáni is with Marianne in Reykjavik

Aragorn found a new family in

Germany !

Charlie and Mars are happy in England ! :-)
Prins is with Anna in Germany !
Baldursbrá lives also in Germany!
Greifi is living as a stallion to Denmark !
Skuggi found a new family in Germany !
Skjoni lives in Switzerland.
Logi is with Walter in Germany!

And Hulda is in Germany too!

Glódís is since 5 years in America!

Lýsa is in Denmark !

Kveikur has a good life in America!

And Töggur too.

Lokkur is in Germany.