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Winter / Spring 2016

We are using the winter and spring time in Gardur to train some of our young horses.

The guesthouse is open as well & we could welcome nice guests in the cozy & slow & cold season of the year.

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Winter in Iceland

In the Winter month the time goes slower in Iceland.

Evrything depends on the weather, the snow & the snowstorms. Our horses are in a peaceful wintervacation before the season starts again.

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Summer & fall in Gardur

The season with nice guests & a lot of horseriding trips went very well . Most of the time good weather & freindly people from all over the world joined us this year in Gardur.

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14th of June 2014

Eldings & Galsis foal was born today

Today we were lucky because our mare Elding was giving birth to a very special & beautiful mare foal in great color .

We gave her the name: Óskastjarna frá Gardi .

The father of this fantastic foal is Galsi frá Saudarkroki.

See more pictures here

4th of June 2014

Óskadís is born

Our Galsi-daughter Heida frá Gardi was getting a beautiful mare foal today.

The father of the foal is Pistill frá Litlu Brekku.

HERE you can see more pictures

Guests, horse riding trips & sunny weather

Summer has started in Iceland & it´s great the season starts with such good weather.

We are thankful to welcome many guests on our farm & hope everyone will enjoy a ride with our lovely horses.

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May 2014

The 1. foal is born

On the 24th of May our mare Sól frá Gardi gave birth to a very beautiful & powerful foal. It´s a mare foal & we gave her the name Maísól frá Gardi.

The father of the foal is Galsi frá Saudarkroki.

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February 2014

Wintergreetings from Iceland....

Iceland is cowered with snow and ice in this part of the year & our horses enjoying the riding & training break .

If you are planing your next holiday in Iceland feel free to ask us for free rooms :)


Merry Christmas

We wish all or guests & all horse owners & their families a Merry Christmas & a great start for the year 2014.

Hope to see you in Iceland next summer :)

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Fall 2013

Our riding horse are having a break now after a successful summer full of work & they are enjoying their time out in the fields.

The foals are growing well & getting ready for the wintertime.

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Summer 2013

In the summer we had a lot of guests for horse riding & sightseeing in the beautiful North of Iceland.

We are proud that we can offer or guests such amazing horse riding trips in this fantastic nature here.

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1. July 2013

Foals 2013

Already 7 foals have been born in Gardur 2013.

The father of this foals are Glitnir frá Eikarbrekku and Svein Hervar frá Thúfu.

And there will be 3 more foals to come this summer.


Summer 2013

Summer started and many guests are enjoying our horses & floals, they enjoy horse riding trips in the beautiful valley Adaldalur.

We say WELCOME to everyone and wishing everyone a wonderful summer in Iceland.


Impressions 2012

Spring, summer, fall & winter ...

... every season offers much to do in Iceland.

Many guests , cute foals , horse riding trips in great weather & snow fun in Gardur.

That was 2012.


FOALS 2012

We are waiting for 16 foals in Gardur in 2012 .

The first foals will arrive hopefully at the beginning of May.

Here you can see the mares & stallions we were breeding with -> CLICK

25th of February

** We are having fun...**

The winter is pretty nice & calm in the North of Iceland & our horses enjoying the sunlight .

Yesterday we went for a sled tour with our horse Thristur & had a lot of fun together

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1st of January 2012


We wish all our friends, all horseowners & visiter of our website all the best for the New Year 2012.

On New Years morning we visited our horses & started the New Year with our dear friends.

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07th of December 2011

* Thanks to our Team 2011 *

Also in 2011 we had many "helping hands" in Gardur , working with our horses, in the stable , helping us in the summertime with our guests, the guesthouse & horseridingtours !

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20. September 2011


Many nice guests were visiting Gardur during the summer month .

Many people went for horse riding, we were enjoying the icelandic nature & having fun with our horses & foals .

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Forseti frá Vorsabæ....

.... is in Gardur for breeding this summer.

Forseti is with 6 of our mares now & we are looking forward to see his offsprings next summer.

Conformation: 8,39 ; Ridden abilities : 8,71

Here are pictures of him & the mares

3rd. of March 2011

*Sunshine & mild weather all the time*

The year 2011 was beginning with heavy snowstorms in January but since then we had all the time a mild, not really cold winter with less snow then in the other years.

Our horses enjoying the sunshine a lot !

The newest pictures of our horses

26th of February 2011

Foalshow 2011

In February were the foalshow & the foals from Gardur were taking place.

Draumadís frá Gardi was on the 2. place & also choosen as the most beautiful foal of the show. Also Engill frá Gardi was under the 6. best stallion foals.

We are proud of our breeding-results.

Here are some picturs from the foalshow

16th of February 2011

** Foals 2011 **

In Gardur will be 11 foals born in the summer 2011.

The first foal will arrive in May.

CLICK HERE to see our mares in foal for this summer

6th of February 2011

**Wintertraining 2011**

At the moment are 5 mares in training, born in the years 2008, 2007, 2006 & 2005. Some of them are just starting their training & others are working on their gaits.

Before & after the traininglessons are the young mares enjoying their free time outside & having much fun together.

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23rd of January

Garður - Horses all over the world

In the last 20 years has many horses from Garður been sold to all over the world .

We have still good contact to many of the owners & it is always nice to see new pictures from our sold horses & hear nice words from the happy owners.

Here you can find the newest pictures we got from our horses

6th of January 2011

** 2011 **

The year 2011 started slowly with good weather here in the North of Iceland. Our horses are all outside now, the training will start at the middle of January again !

We are wishing evrybody a great start in 2011.

Click here for the newest pictures from th 1st of January

9th of March

** Neisti frá Garði **

Today we took some pictures from Neisti & Edda while Sonja was training our young horses with them !

Here you can find more pictures

07th of March 2010

Still good weather....

... and beautiful sunshine in the last days . We visited our horses & took a few new pictures of them.

HERE you can find more pictures

18. february 2010

Glitnir frá Garði

Today we took some pictures of our stallion Glitnir. He is a very promissing son of Rammi frá Búland & Þoka frá Garði.

Glitnir is for sale !

Please write us an eMail for further informations.

Here you can see the newest pictures of him

4th of February 2010

Everything allright....

... we have sunshine & good winterweather, the training has not started for the horses yet & everyone is relaxed & happy.

The horses are enjoying their free time

See the newest pictures here ->click

9th of January 2010

** The icelandic winter **

We are in the middle of the icelandic winter with a lot of snow & cold wind but our horses are doing great outsite and having fun together.

See the newest pictures here

3rd of January

** New Year - Greetings ... **

... from Gardur to all the visiters of our website.

The New Year said welcome with a lot of snow and wind but also with sunshine and a clear sky.

The first pictures of 2010 ->click here

22. December 2009

Visiting the icelandic Santa Clauses

During December you can find in the Mývatn area in Dimmuborgir the 13 icelandic Santa Clauses.

Many children are visiting them every day & having a lot of fun.

See more pictures

13. December 2009

** Our foals **

We had really good weather in the last day - the snow is almost gone and its not cold anymore.

The horses and foals enjoying the warmth and are playing and jumping around !

Here the newest pictures of our foals

28th of October 2009

** Sunshine & great weather in the North **

The snow is gone again & our horses are relaxing in the good weather :-)

See more pictures

5th of October 2009

Horse round - up in Eyjarfjördur 2009

The last weekend we went to the horse round-up in Eyjarfjördur.

Many good horses & wonderful winter-weather .

See more pictures

15th. September 2009

**The sheep round-up 2009**

On the last weekend was the sheep round-up in our valley.

The following pictures are taken on Saturday, when the riders were coming with the sheep back from the mountains.

The first pictures

18. July 2009

**Our stallions**

Our stallions Glitnir & Grillir ( both born in 2004) were coming home after a 3 month training from Akureyri & enjoying their summer vacation now.

See more pictures of our stallions

** Summertime in Iceland **

Since the beginning of June our horses are enjoying the green grass & the summer .

Here you can find the newest pictures

18. June 2009

Foals 2009

There are already 7 foals born this year & now we are waiting for the last 4 foals !

6 of the foals are from the stallion Þorri frá Þúfu & one mare is new born today - her father is Adam frá Ásmundarstöðum.

Here you can find all foals 2009

29. May 2009

** Laufi frá Garði **

Yesterday we took some pictures of our horse Laufi.

He was just playing & jumping around in the beautiful weather & enjoying his time !

Here you can find more photos

09. May 2009

"Snowstorm in May ... "

The last two day we had a terrible snowstorm & everything is white again ! Since today we have sunshine & good weather again.

Our horses enjoyed the sunshine & the good weather & were playing & jumping a lot.



Check out our horses for sale.

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Horses for 1050 - 3000 euros ->CLICK HERE

11. February 2009

Today it was a lot of new snow & great sunshine & we went for a ride with Laufi & Manni.

Laufi is one of our stallions, his father is Orri & Manni is the new gelding we bought in January, he will be for our guests in summer.

See more pictures


17. January 2009

Today we took our stallion Laufi home to the farm. There he meet an old friend, our Blossi, who is a gelding now for some weeks.

Laufi & Blossi were enjoying the good weather & the snow & were playing a lot!

BLOSSI is for sale at the moment !!!

HERE you can find more pictures

14. January 2009

We got many beautiful pictures for the horses breed in Gardur which are living in another country now.

It´s always nice for us to see that the new owners are happy with our horses & its great to have a good contact with them after many years.

We got photos from: Greifi, Prins, Orion, Andvaka, Kári, Tinna & Perla

HERE you can find the photos

13. January 2009

Amazing warm weather at the beginning of January.

We visited our stallions & our guests could also go for a ride with our horses !

See more pictures

4.January 2009

Amazing lights in the Mývatn-area

Today we went with our guests to the beautiful lake Mývatn.

Fantastic colours & lights were all over the place - it was a wonderful day.

See more pictures

31. December 2008

On the last day of the year are our horses enjoying the wonderful weather - the sun & the snow !

Here are some pictures from the last hours

16. December 2008

In just 5 days we have the smallest day of the year.

The days up in the North of Iceland are getting shorter and shorter there is just a little daylight every day, the sun gets not over the mountains around our farm.

At 2 o´clock today I could take this pictures in a amazing light.


24. November 2008

News from Kári in Switzerland

More then a week is Kári living in Switzerland with Andrea & they are absolutly a Dreamteam !

The first snow is coming to Switzerland & Kári is feeling like "at home" !

See more pictures here

18. November 2008

Orion has arrived in Germany and Katharina is really happy about her new horse. She bought Orion as a foal & was waiting for him being in Germany for the last 3 years !

The first pictures from Orion in his new home

15. November 2008

After a long journey Kári arrived in Switzerland.

His new owner Andrea is really happy to have Kári now at home after waiting for him the last 3 years.

The first pictures from Kári in Switzerland

10. November 2008

On the last weekend we visited Daniel & his mare Andvaka frá Garði in Frankfurt.

Andvaka was leaving Iceland on the 13. of January 2008, she is a daughter of Huginn frá Haga and our Eldvaka !


05. November 2008

Our horses are surrounded by fantastic lights before the winter will start at all !

See more pictures here

25. Oktober 2008

It´s coming wintertime in Iceland.

Snow & ice are over all country - the horses are trying to catch the last grass from the summer.

Here you can find more winterpictures


22. September 2008

Drottning, Eilífur, Bliki & Vökull were going today in their winterbreak.

Bliki & Vökull did well well during training-time in summer & we are very happy with them !

The newest pictures of them

21. September 2008

We took our mares Drottning & Eldvaka home today.

Both were standing in the summer with Adam frá Ásmundarstöðum and they are both in foal with him now!

Here are some pictures for the mares & their foals after we were coming home

15. September 2008:

We lost our Labrador Ben in June 2008 for a terrible mistake !

We got many mails from our friends & guests - all sad about Bens death ! Because we got many pictures of Ben we made a picture-gallery of him !

Here you can have a look

Impressions 2008

Many things happend in the last month - good things & sad things -

there were 5 new foals born, we had many guests during the summer and did a lot of horseriding.

Here are pictures of the last month

15. August 2008

Now are the pictures of the final in A- and B-Flokkur from last Sunday in Einarstadir online.

See more photos here

10. August 2008

Yesterday we went to the competition in Einarstadir.

Here are some pictures

04. August 2008

Also in August are many riding-trips every day.

If you are used to riding horses or not - we have the right horse for everyone & all people have a lot of fun on horseback :-)

See more pictures


31. July 2008

Today we took some pictures of our stallion Laufi (a son of Orri frá Thúfu) and our mare Glóra running and jumping in the beautiful evening-sunshine.

Hopefully we are getting a nice foal from them in the next summer :-)

More pictures

30. July 2008

Many guests & horseriding-trips all day long.

In the whole July we had great weather with a lot of sunshine & our guests were using this wonderful summer for riding at the river Laxá or through the lava - stones & the black sand !

The newest pictures are here

29. July 2008

Today went our mares Drottning & Eldvaka to the stallion

Adam frá Ásmundarstöðum.

Hopefully we will get 2 beautiful foals from Adam next summer.

24. July 2008

Wonderful weather - sunshine - horseriding-tours

Impressions from our guests & horses in June

03. July 2008

We visited our horses & foals in the evening!

The horses are fine & they are enjoying the fresh grass!

Here are some pictures from today

15. June 2008

Our mare Eldvaka has given birth to a beautiful stallion foal last night

Here you can see the pictures of the birth

11. June 2008:

Þorri frá Þúfu has been arrived on our farm !

He will be here the next month with our mares together!

Here are the first pictures of him

10. June .2008

Our stallion Gosi is coming home after his training in Akureyri.

Gosi will go to Finland in June, at the moment he is with some mares at our farm.

Here are the newest pictures from Gosi

25. May 2008

Yesterday we got our mare Dimma back from Hólar after 8 weeks of training !

The first pictures from Dimma at home

22. May 2008

Tonight the third foal this year was born!

After waiting for a long time Glóra gave birth to a big & beautiful stallion !

Find the first pictures here


Three days ago our second foal was born ! We got a beautiful mare foal from our Esja, we called her Hamradís.

More pictues from the little "Hamradís" are here.


Our dog Ben the the 4 days old foal Eilífur were in a great play today !

Here you can find more pictures of them


Drottning was getting her first foal on last Sunday !

Eilífur is a blue-dune stallion, more infos here.


First trainings-pictures from our mare Prinsessa (F. : Orri, MF: Gustur frá Hóli, 2004) ->click

You can find more informations about Prinsessa pedigree here.

In September 2007 I bought this young mare at the horse round-up !

Finally Fjalladrottning arrived at our farm in February.

From May to July will " Þorri frá Þúfu " be at our farm for breeding !

Please send us an eMail for more informations!


The training in 2008 has been started:

Henni, from Germany is working since a week with our horses to make them ready for the summer-season.

First training-pictures here

Horses, snow & great winterweather in North Iceland

New winterpictures : March 2008

19th of January 2008: New pictures of our horses ->HERE
10.12.2007: December pictures ->click 
25.11.2007: New trainings - pictures from Bliki after 14 weeks riding ->click


The 13 icelandic Santa Clauses came down from the mountains ->click

Pictures from Novemver 2007: Horses , sun & snow HERE
The horse round up in Skagarfjörður 2007 ->click

09.September: The 2. day of the sheep round-up ->click

Sheep round up in Adaldalur 2007 ->click


Photos of the summer 2007: Horses, guests & wonderful weather ->here